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First steps

Here goes nothing. Welcome to photomaki! This is the inaugural blog post for my pursuit of photography, (and blogs in general!). 

My goals for this venture are:

1. For my (future) clients to have the best experience possible, no matter how dire the circumstance.

2. To find the photographic niche I’m best at.

3. To try and implement the most cutting edge photographic techniques.

As of today, I’m just an amateur building my portfolio in sports, wedding and event photography. Why these specific focuses? I’ve played lacrosse since age 10, playing in college and eventually at the international level. I’ve seen how photographers have worked over the years and I really wanted to give it a shot. Poor excuse, but I never wanted to fork up the cash for an expensive camera, let alone a telephoto lens. I was very fortunate to have a camera gifted to me recently (thanks Ada!). Right now I am shooting with Sony A-6000. 

For weddings, I’ve found myself using my iPhone to take artsy pictures of things that typical wedding photographers take during the big day. I worked as a wedding caterer for a number of years and have watched the professionals do their thing while I served tables. That being said, I’ve seen many varieties of weddings that I wish I could have been taking pictures of! 

I am just so ready to get this started. 

Here’s a picture of my best friends Alex and Taylor’s Wedding from this past September.

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